Welcome the homepage of the DFG-funded project 'Towards a General Theory of Mulitvation', hosted at the Institut für Linguistik, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt.

For more details about the project please see here.

Latest News

Zheng @ Sinfonija

Zheng will present a talk Agreement in Nominal Right Node Raising: an experimental approach at SinFonIJA 11, in Kraków.

Coordination Database

We have uploaded our first batch of language files for the coordination project. One of our aims is to build a freely accessible repository of coordination s...

Zheng And Pete @ Nels

Zheng and Pete will present their poster `Morphological and Semantic Agreement beyond Hybrid Nouns’ at NELS 49, Cornell University this weekend.

New Member

We are very pleased to announce that Nelly Kerezova will be joining us as our student assistant from April 2018. Nelly is currently an MA student in the Inst...

Fenna And Zheng @ Glow

Fenna and Zheng will both be presenting at GLOW 41 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest this week. Good luck, Fenna and Zheng!